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Virtual Radar is one of the best Unfiltered Flight Tracking Software.
With our own Patches and many optimizations, you will get the best Flight Tracking Experience

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RadarView [WiP]

The world’s first radar-like Flight Tracker! This will allow you to feel like Air Traffic Controller. Fully original project, the most lightweight and the fastest.


So… You scrolled here, so let us tell you something about RawFlight

Our RawFlight Team is small. Everything was created and is maintained by three persons. This is a big deal for us to administer all systems we share with you, but we are passionates and IT Specialist. This is what we like  

What can RawFlight Offer? 

Flight Tracking Software is not the only thing we can offer you. We also provide other software and IT Support. 

Knowledge Base

Written from scratch, tested by Community. Clear, easy manuals about Linux, Raspberry Pi and Feeding

Discussion Systems

We host two different Discussions systems. We do have our own Forum and Discord Server. 

Support System

Also, we host our own Support System where you can create a ticket with your issue and we will resolve it ASAP. 


We also offer Support with your software. Contact us



While founding RawFlight, we had one main idea – to make it non-commercial. 


RawFlight Access is partly free. You can get unlimited access by being Feeder or supporter on Patreon


RawFlight is not hosted by company. Thanks to it ,we do not have to care about limitations. We do not filter any data!


We have our own physical server and our own, symetric 1Gbps Internet access. Thanks to it, access is pretty fast. 


We are a member of large ADS-B Community. 

Our Team

Meet our team. Our team is not big, but it is slowly increasing

Bruno Stelmaszyk

Server Owner, DB Analyst, WordPress Maintainer, RF Script Maintainer

Feeder, Unix Geek, System Admin

Max Hayder

Server Owner, Head Programmist, DB Analyst, RF Script Reviewer

Feeder, Unix Geek, Aviation Geek

Konrad Wyszynski

Community Lead, Instagram Account Creator, Beta Tester

Feeder, Plane Spotter, Aviation Geek

Lukasz Hinc

Community Lead, Helpdesk Specialist, Beta Tester

Feeder, Aviation Geek,

Our results

Internet spreads. Our services spread, too. Coverage? Yes! It is spreading!

Global ADS-B Coverage

Our own software


Latest News

If there is important information, we will inform you here! Stay tuned or.. Visit our Blog!

23rd Sep 2020 – Maintenance Window

Hello Everyone, Please expect RawFlight outage on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020. Details below: STAGE 1: MAIN SERVER WINDOWS SERVER 2019 UPDATESTAGE 2: VRS Virtual Machine Windows Server 2019 UPDATESTAGE 3:[…]

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1st year of RawFlight!

On Friday, 9th August 2019, RawFlight became fully operational. And today, on Sunday, 9th August we are celebrating the first year of RawFlight being online! Our beginnings were hard, but..[…]

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Radar Access Restrictions

Dear All, Starting on Friday 19:00 UTC, Access to RawFlight Virtual Radar will be restricted. JUSTIFICATION: In the last days we discovered large, unusual link load. We decided to make[…]

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