Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on Global Aviation

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Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on Global Aviation

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on Global Aviation is an interesting topic. At first, I must say, that is very negative situation for aviation.


I think that the most important thing is that a lot of airlines are losing their money and some of these are experiencing critical financial situation.

Why ? Because a lot of country are closing their borders. In case of this a lot of airlines had to cancel almost all their flights, even domestic. So, passangers aren’t flying now, planes have been grounded and airlines now are losing a lot money. Everything is caused by COVID-19.

This pandemic time is very hard for regular, even charter airlines. What about passangers who are not in home country and would like to back? A lot of countries organize repatriation flights to other country for their citizens.

Example 1:

Polish government decided to help Polish citizens return to the country.

LOT Polish Airlines Boeing 787 flies to London without passeners and Cargo, only with crew (Ferry Flight). Once arrived in London, LOT takes Polish citizens onboard and returns to Poland. Same missions are doing many other airlines, like: EasyJet, Air France, KLM, JET2.

Similar flights we can see in Cargo, too. A few days ago, China Eastern Airlines Airbus A350-900 flew to Milano with medical equipment. On 18 March 2020 China Eastern Boeing 777-300 flew to Milano. Seems like it was flight with medical equipment. It was non-regular flight.

At the end: Airlines are losing their money, planes are grounded, airports are empty (In most of european countries), a lot of flights are canceled and we can see repatriation flights. We all believe that situation in the next months will be better.


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