RawFlight helps in Coronavirus Research

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RawFlight helps in Coronavirus Research

We are very proud to announce you, that today, on 30th March 2020, RawFlight joined worldwide coronavirus COVID-19 research.

We decided to share 50% of our computing power with Folding&Home.

How do we help?

We decided to decrease our Virtual Radar Performance, because currently air traffic is much lower and we have had much more free computing power. For this action, we granted 8 Cores of our AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU for dedicated for Folding@Home research applications FAHClient, FAHViewer and FAHControl.

Also, we set its power to High – thanks to it, all 8 cores are working on their 100% power + Turbo. Summarizing, we shared 42GHz!

Our computing power helps with binary calculations and many other exercices that were created by Stanford University. Scientists are creating tasks there and are sending them to all computers that are sharing their resources.

How can I help?

For all informations, please visit Folding@Home website

For all manuals, visit Start Folding website.

We heavily encourage you to help in Coronavirus research. Every small contribution helps! Remember about it! You will pay a little bit more for electricity, but you will help! Thanks to people like you, Coronavirus Research will proceed faster and faster!

Forget about wars. Forget about conflicts. Forget about enemies. Let’s help together. Above divisions.


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