RawFlight started Patreon

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RawFlight started Patreon

Dear all,
Today, on 29th April 2020 we officially launched our Patron.

Why did you do that?

This decision may be a bit controversial for some of you, but we do have strong basis to do so.
Remember, that we do not host any ad on our page and we don’t want to do that. But we cover all costs from our pockets. Since the beginning, August 2019, we have already invested more than 1000 EUR. We do not count our free time, because it’s priceless.

Since August, RawFlight developed very, very fast. In the beginning we did not expect, that this hobby project will become global. Really! We have never thought, that it can be one of the biggest flight trackers all over the worlds.

We invest our free time, our nerves and money. So, we are not afraid to ask you for support. For financial support.

If you read our Knowledge Base, you maybe noticed that we cover all costs that are not low. Take a look at page: How can I support? We described our costs there.

We don’t want to become commercial. We don’t want to place any ad here, on website, on the radar, anywhere. That’s why we ask for help.

We prepared 4 Tiers at Patreon:
1$ – buy us a coffee
3$if you like us
5$ – if you love RF
10$ – RF is amazing!

On 1$ Tier, you will get 20-minutes session to our RadarView, once it is ready. E-Mail address provided will be your login, credentials will be sent by e-mail

On 3$ Tier, you will get unlimited access to RadarView. Remember to provide valid shipping address.

On 5$ Tier, you will get the same benefit as on 5$ tier and we will send you a postcard with photo and our written thanks! Remember to provide valid shipping address.

On 10$ Tier, we will send you a cup with our logo and unlimited RadarView access, too. Remember to provide valid shipping address.

On 100$ Tier.. We don’t know what we will send you. We will decide if we will get a Patron on this Tier…. 🙂

Every Tier helps. We do not ask you for exact amount of money. We want to give you a choice. That’s why, in the future we will enable PayPal Donations.


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