1st year of RawFlight!

Unfiltered Flight Tracking

1st year of RawFlight!

On Friday, 9th August 2019, RawFlight became fully operational. And today, on Sunday, 9th August we are celebrating the first year of RawFlight being online!

Our beginnings were hard, but.. Which beginnings are not difficult? 🙂

The whole idea of the project started in July 2019, as a 2-person team we started to work on something completely different. Something unique. We didn’t have any idea, that it will become popular!

Our first server was small VPS with 1 vCore and… 1GB RAM… And script written in PHP. That’s all. When we noticed lack of resources we added another “vCore” and next 1GB of RAM. After upgrade we experienced large DDoS Attack. We survived it but it forced us to move on to another provider that supports DDoS Protection. And it came to August.

In August, we bought a domain “RawFlight.eu”, we also moved on and rented bigger VPS Server with 4 Cores, 16GB RAM, Linux Debian 9 “Stretch” and 50Gbit DDoS Protection. This time we also switched to Virtual Radar Server made by Andy Whewell. This Radar App was working with Mono in its 32-bit version, but with new feeders joining, its efficiency was drastically dropping. We had about 15-20% of Global Coverage thanks to our Feeders from the ADS-B Community!

When we found that it’s working so heavily, we decided to rent another VPS Server with Windows Server 2016 DataCenter Edition. And it was a bull’s-eye! 64-bit version of Virtual Radar Server was working so smooth! Our happiness lasted until December when we noticed large packet loss between feed server and Radar Server. We asked our provider for help, but we didn’t receive any specialized support.

And it came to January. We decided to buy a physical server and since January it has been continuously working! It was a milestone for our Radar. We developed many Feeding methods, we launched our Knowledge Base

Our first connection was.. 600/60mbits (asymetric fiber). After that we switched to 100mbits symetric fiber… It was and it is okay, but we decided to upgrade our network to 1Gbit at first, and then to 10Gbits!!!

Also, our Team became bigger. We started as 2. And now there are 4 of us.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently we are focusing on some changes that will be done in large Maintenance in the end of August.

Also, we are discussing about server upgrades as sometimes we experience lack of resources:

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X –> AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
  • RAM: 32GB RAM DDR4 –> 64GB RAM DDR4
  • Disk: 2×480 SSD RAID1 –> 2x 1TB SSD RAID1
  • Disk2: 2x4TB HDD RAID1 –> 2x4TB HDD RAID1 (Backup Storage)
  • Secondary Server –> Dedicated Server with Intel Xeon or AMD Ryzen
    (automatically replicated with 5mins outage in case of main SRV failure)

If you like what we do and you’d like to support us, we kindly as your for Financial Support. We pay everything from our pocket.

Please note that PayPal Account belongs to Bruno – one of RawFlight Creators.

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