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Unfiltered Flight Tracking

23rd Sep 2020 – Maintenance Window

Hello Everyone, Please expect RawFlight outage on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020. Details below: STAGE 1: MAIN SERVER WINDOWS SERVER 2019 UPDATE STAGE 2: VRS Virtual Machine Windows Server 2019 UPDATE STAGE 3: Virtual Radar Server Update STAGE 4: VRS Server Memory & CPU Uplift STAGE 5: VRS Server Network Capacity Uplift STAGE 6: General Linux…
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1st year of RawFlight!

On Friday, 9th August 2019, RawFlight became fully operational. And today, on Sunday, 9th August we are celebrating the first year of RawFlight being online! Our beginnings were hard, but.. Which beginnings are not difficult? 🙂 The whole idea of the project started in July 2019, as a 2-person team we started to work on…
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Radar Access Restrictions

Dear All, Starting on Friday 19:00 UTC, Access to RawFlight Virtual Radar will be restricted. JUSTIFICATION: In the last days we discovered large, unusual link load. We decided to make an investigation and the effect shocked us: There are clients/servers/bots that are downloading our Live Data Stream File 24/7. One download generates about 20mbit/sec traffic.…
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RawFlight started Patreon

Dear all, Today, on 29th April 2020 we officially launched our Patron. Why did you do that? This decision may be a bit controversial for some of you, but we do have strong basis to do so. Remember, that we do not host any ad on our page and we don’t want to do that.…
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RawFlight helps in Coronavirus Research

We are very proud to announce you, that today, on 30th March 2020, RawFlight joined worldwide coronavirus COVID-19 research. We decided to share 50% of our computing power with Folding&Home.

RawFlight Update

Dear All, As you have noticed, access to our Virtual Radar is difficult. We are updating some parts of the firmware and it requires many restarts. We are sorry for any inconvenience. Scheduled Maintenance End Time: 14:00 GMT

Virtual Radar Update Report

Dear All, We are so happy to announce you, that we have finished Virtual Radar Update almost 10 hours before scheduled end of update.

Virtual Radar Update

Today, on 4th March 2020 we have started Virtual Radar Update Process to 3.0 Beta Version.

RawFlight Integrated Functionalities

Hi Guys! Today we are very happy to announce new things. INTRO As you have noticed, we have completely reworked our website. It is much more modern with slideshows and more graphics. We think that this version of website is much more friendly for user. Also, we have integrated all our Web Services in one…
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Hello World!

Hi! Welcome on Blog. Hi there! Welcome on our blog that started. Today… We will publish here most important information about RawFlight and its services. Remember to check our Knowledge Base!