UNIX Interview Q&A

UNIX Interview Q&A

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#1 Kernel – how would you describe it?
Kernel is a master program with a UNIX OS that controls all resources of the computer. Resource allocation to different users and tasks are handled by Kernel. It does not have direct communication with the user, it starts separative interactive program “shell”.

#2 Single-user system – what is that?
This is simply personal computer with OS that is designed to be operated by single user.

#3 UNIX – what are the main features?
> Machine Independent
> Portability
> Multi-user operations
> UNIX Shells
> Hierarchical filesystem
> Pipes, Filters
> Background Processors
> Utilities
> Development Tools

#4 Shell – what is it?
This is an interface between user and system. You are using shell while using e.g. Terminal, XTerm etc.

#5 Shell – for what is it responsible?
It is responsible for many things: program execution, redirections of input/output, substitutions of filemanes and variables. It also controls environment and integrates programming languages.

#7 Shell – general format UNIX Command syntax:
Command -argument -argument -argument -filename

#6 Usage and Functionality of “rm -r *” in UNIX
rm means REMOVE. -r parameter tells shell to delete directories and subdirectories with files within. STAR (*) indicates all entries.
rm -r /home/pi/Documents/* <– Remove all files in directory /home/pi/Documents/